On the Table

On the Table - Memo to the Mayor

Together, we’re creating a memo to the mayor.

This time, right now, is unprecedented in Chicago: Our city is electing a history-making new mayor. She will take office at a time when there seems to be a collective awareness that the only way our city and our region will make progress is with greater equity for all. Who is “all”? We are.

We are the people whose voices the new mayor needs to hear. This year, every On the Table conversation has resulted in a Memo to the Mayor: a real and tangible way to let Chicago’s new mayor and her administration know how to prioritize what people want.

Since 2014, tens of thousands of people have participated annually in On the Table events across our metropolitan area – people who are voters, taxpayers, students, employers, caregivers, volunteers, community leaders and more. This year we invited everyone back to the table to have dynamic conversations and to help create the Memo to the Mayor.

After On the Table, hundreds of Memos to the Mayor were submitted in May 2019. Those memos are being read and consolidated to share as an actionable guide to Chicago’s new mayor. We look forward to sharing that with you soon.


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