Together We Rise: the initiative for an equitable and just recovery

Together We Rise unites partners across philanthropy, business, government, nonprofits and communities for an equitable and just economic recovery for the Chicago region.

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How to Build an Equitable COVID Recovery for Chicago

Trust President and CEO Helene Gayle on confronting decades of systemic racism and inequities caused by COVID-19 in order to build a more equitable economy for the region.

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Chicago's Moonshot: Closing the Racial and Ethnic Wealth Gap

The work of the Trust, our community partners and our generous donors is more relevant—and more critical—than ever.

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Shine Light On Society’s Inequitable Institutional Practices, Public Policies

Trust President and CEO Helene Gayle on addressing the systems and policies that perpetuate inequity.

Our commitment is service. Our ambition is a more vibrant region.

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The Chicago Community Trust was founded to provide caretaking of our region. We advise people on their individual philanthropy—guide them on their giving journey now and into the future. Whether interests are in their own neighborhood, within the region or across the country, we help devise the best way to provide unselfish love or care.

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