Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental to achieving our impact.

Mural in Auburn Gresham neighborhood.
Photo: A Rahmann Statik mural in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood.

Our vision is a Chicago region where equity is central—and opportunity and prosperity are in reach for all.

We acknowledge the specific role discrimination and systemic barriers based on race, ethnicity, and other varied identities and differences have played in limiting opportunities for too many. A commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is at the core of who we are, the decisions we make, and the actions we take in our work to strengthen the communities we serve and advance our strategic focus to close the racial and ethnic wealth gap in the Chicago region.

  • Diversity

    The breadth of visible and invisible differences in who we are and how we identify. We involve and reflect the communities we serve. We honor our differences as fundamental to carrying out our mission.

  • Equity

    The recognition that people and communities experience unequal and unjust circumstances and the actions that seek to rectify them. We account for disparities in opportunity when allocating our resources.

  • Inclusion

    The involvement of all voices, collaborating and embracing our differences. We aim to build a culture of belonging in which everyone feels respected. We believe every person’s voice adds value, and we strive to create balance in the context of power differences.

Our Demographics

One part of the Trust’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is ensuring that we are, as an organization, working towards being representative of the community that we serve. More diverse organizations are both better for business and better for our work. While this data represents a moment in time, we recognize this work is an ongoing journey.

Note: We have recently started asking grant partners to share the same demographic information we collect on Trust staff and Executive Committee. 

Demographic information is current as of spring 2023.
We anticipate updating the information on an annual basis.

Our Commitment

We know that philanthropy has played a role in perpetuating systems that have not always advanced equity, but we recognize we have an opportunity to do better and are committed to making a positive difference.