All open grant opportunities through The Chicago Community Trust will be developed in the months ahead and shared here.

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Current Funding Opportunities

Sustainable Solutions for Housing Stability – Addressing Critical NeedsUnderstanding the formidable challenges confronting Cook County in the fight against homelessness, the Trust is offering this funding opportunity aimed at bolstering community organizations within the homeless service sector. 
Income Growth Solutions – Growing Household WealthThe Income Growth Solutions funding program intends to support and learn from the connections between education, employment, and the financial health needed to turn income into wealth.
Flexible Funding Program Catalyzing Neighborhood InvestmentFlexible grants to help community-based groups grow their ability to attract neighborhood investment capital.
SponsorshipsSponsorships are available for programming events, such as meetings, panels, forums and conferences. We also consider fundraising events, such as galas and walk-a-thons, on a limited basis.

Partnerships & Initiatives

In addition to our own discretionary grants, the Trust has also created many special initiatives and partnerships that retain their unique identity through independent grantmaking.

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The Trust funds nonprofit agencies with evidence of tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code that are not classified as private foundations. We also accept applications from agencies that have a nonprofit fiscal sponsor.

Each grant opportunity will have its own additional criteria for funding.

As a community foundation, the Trust’s grants are awarded to organizations that benefit residents of the Chicago region. There may on occasion be a specific initiative that awards a grant to a project that extends beyond our region, but these are rare and strategic exceptions.

The Trust does not provide discretionary funding to projects or organizations outside of the United States.

How to Apply

The Trust offers funding to support our strategic priorities. Explore our grant application process.

How to Apply

Our Strategic Plan

We’ve made a 10-year commitment to closing Chicago’s racial and ethnic wealth gap.

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