Annual Reports

Through the years, the Trust has created many types of initiatives to help our region—and its foundations, businesses, civic leaders, and individuals like you—most effectively engage with the issues they care about. Through special task forces like these, we tackle issues of concern from innovative angles, or harness the power of civic collaboration for greater impact.

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All of Us: The 2021 Annual Report

Coming May 2022

Past Annual Reports

We invite you to read and download our past annual reports and explore the highlights from previous years below.

2020We Are Greater Than. 2020 was a year like no other—one that tested each of us as individuals, and our region as a whole, in ways many had never imagined before.
2019Equity. Opportunity. Prosperity. These three words encapsulate perfectly what The Chicago Community Trust stands for.
2018Change in the Making. At The Chicago Community Trust, contributing to positive change is the reason we exist.
2017The Power of We. The power to reach. The power to dream. The power to build, uplift, and create. The power to move the immovable, to align our reality to the best of our ideals.