2022 Annual Report

For the past 100+ years, The Chicago Community Trust has brought donors, nonprofits, caring residents, and business and civic leaders together to address our region’s most pressing needs – from the Great Depression to the Great Recession to the pandemic to now.

Sometimes a big journey begins with a simple question.

The Trust knows the pathway to realizing aspirations can seem daunting. Allowing ourselves to ask “what if” opens our mindset to new ideas and solutions. When we question what is possible, we invite everyone to imagine their role in building a more equitable and prosperous Chicago region.

The Question: “What If?”

In our 2022 Annual Report, the Trust honors accomplishments and embraces curiosity as our guide to even greater impact. With each step forward, our vision takes shape. With the right investments, it becomes clear that we are building a stronger future together.

2022 Impact Highlights: By the Numbers

  • $277M+

    In Donor Advised Fund Grants

    Awarded to Nonprofits Serving the Chicago Region

  • $1.7M

    In Grantmaking

    By the Trust’s Affinity Funds

  • $2.4M

    In Contributions

    To the Trust’s Unity Fund

Over the Prior Year

  • 52%


    In Donor Advised Fund Grantmaking in the Region

  • 30%


    In Affinity Fund Grantmaking

  • 90%


    In Giving to Unity Fund

2022 Annual Report

Asking “what if” sparks hope and inspires action. We start with the question and, through partnerships, seek answers that lead to lasting change. Despite obstacles, we continue to strive for a region where opportunity and prosperity are within reach for all.

Explore “What If”

The “What-If’s?” We Asked This Year

What if our Chicago region’s economy worked for everyone?

In the wake of the pandemic and the inequities it exposed, the philanthropic community has the chance to make transformational investments to strengthen long-disinvested communities and, in turn, the entire Chicago region. We Rise Together: For an Equitable & Just Recovery is a funder collaborative working in partnership with community members to address the urgent economic needs of Black and Latine communities.

What would it mean for Chicago if more families were financially stable?

Direct cash assistance is the practice of giving money directly to people in need. This can take many forms, including transfers of cash from nonprofits to community members, guaranteed income programs, and even tax credits. We were proud to support key opportunities to lead the nation is providing direct cash assistance to Chicagoans in 2022.

What if everyone lived in a walkable, transit-connected neighborhood?

Proximity to reliable transit makes a big difference for the well-being of people and communities—physically, socially, and economically. Good policies and leadership can help us get there. The Trust’s Elevated Chicago Initiative teamed up with over 80 local organizations to support the Connected Communities Ordinance, which will generate 200,000 new jobs in the next decade.

What if every student could access the technology they need to succeed in school?

Since COVID-19 and the shift to remote and hybrid learning, computer and internet access have become more essential than ever to getting a post-secondary education. But for many Chicago students, acquiring such tools can pose a financial hurdle. In 2021, City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) launched the Student Tech Equity Fund — a $3 million philanthropic collaboration that is supercharging CCC’s commitment to closing the digital divide.

What if all Chicagoans had a pathway to homeownership?

More than a roof over heads, homeownership is a critical tool for helping families increase their financial security, build wealth, and pass it down to the next generation. In the past two years, the Trust’s homeownership grants have helped over 700 households become homeowners and prevented over 1,300 foreclosures.

What if vital support were just a phone call away?

Launched in January 2023, 211 Metro Chicago is a free helpline connecting residents of Chicago and suburban Cook County to a wide range of essential services. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, individuals can call, text, or go online to be connected to food pantries, homeless shelters, mental health counseling, rental assistance, and much more.

Stories of Impact from 2022

Maximize Your Impact Through the Trust

No matter your goals, the Trust can help you translate your charitable vision into an effective giving strategy.

To connect with one of our philanthropic advisors, contact Kristin Carlson Vogen at kvogen@cct.org.

Stories from Our Donors

Together, we can transform “what if” into “what is.”

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