2023 Annual Report

Because when our neighbors do better, we all do better. Explore our Annual Report.

Dear Friends,

As a community foundation, the Trust has the privilege of bringing people of many backgrounds and communities together to work collaboratively on issues that matter to the Chicago region.

This is critically important work, and the two of us could not be more excited to be leading the Trust at this time — Bryan, deeply committed to making Chicago better for all, and Andrea, passionate about building on the many strengths of our communities. We’re engaged in this work because we believe in the Trust and see its mission and role as vital to Chicago’s future.

We recognize, of course, that the real work is happening on the ground, led by the residents and mission-driven organizations that receive support from the Trust and our generous donors. In this year’s annual report, we’re shining a spotlight on the positive momentum community leaders have created in our city’s neighborhoods to offer a more complete view of the communities that make up Chicago.

Each community is unique and distinct. What do they all have in common? Committed residents and organizations who care about their neighbors, love their neighborhoods, and use their energy and creativity to make them even better places to live, work and thrive.

Let’s make sure these changemakers have what they need to bring their plans to life.

Because when more of our communities do better, we all do better.

This Is the “Why” of What We Do

It’s a simple idea rooted in the core truth that we are all connected. We can’t truly thrive as a region until every individual has the opportunity to reach their potential. There are many reasons why donors, nonprofits, communities, and corporations choose to partner with The Chicago Community Trust.

But we all share one essential why. Because when our neighbors do better, we all do better.

2023 Highlights: By the Numbers

  • $244M

    In Donor Advised Fund Grants

    Awarded to Nonprofits Serving the Chicago Region

  • $3.2M

    In Contributions

    To the Trust’s Affinity Funds (Groups of Donors United by a Shared Heritage, Identity or Common Interest)

  • $1.1M


    By the Trust’s Unity Fund, Which Pools Contributions from Donors to Support Organizations Serving the Region’s Most Urgent Needs

Since its launch in September 2021, the We Rise Together: For an Equitable & Just Recovery initiative saw…

  • $51M+

    In Contributions

    By Individual, Corporate and Philanthropic Funders

  • 40+


    In Resident-Driven Real Estate Projects Now Worth $564M+

  • $46M+

    In Grantmaking

    To Support Real Estate Development, Small Business, and Workforce Development in Disinvested Communities

Because when our neighbors do better, we all do better.

We can’t truly thrive as a region until every individual has the opportunity to reach their potential.

Explore Our 2023 Annual Report

Because when we work together for a stronger Chicago, your generosity can do so much more.

Take a look at 2023’s stories of impact and dig deeper into our neighborhood profiles.

Doing more good, together.

Learn more from our generous donors and committed corporate partners.

Because when we come together, we can create exponential change.

2023 Grants + Financials

In an effort to inspire philanthropy broadly, the Trust sponsors its own donor advised fund program as well as donor advised fund programs for financial institutions. As of September 30, 2023, the Trust’s consolidated assets totaled more than $4.5 billion. In addition, during the fiscal year, the Trust received new gifts totaling more than $1.4 billion and made combined grant commitments totaling more than $1.6 billion across the Trust and affiliated donor advised fund programs.

View our full list of grants and financial highlights below.


During fiscal year 2023, The Chicago Community Trust received contributions of $1,443,344,275. This pie chart is an analysis of these contributions by fund type.


These bar graphs compare the total assets, contributions, and combined grant commitments of the past five years for The Chicago Community Trust for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2023.

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