Closing the Racial and Ethnic Wealth Gap – A Call to Action

What you can do in your community, place of work and business.

Test your assumptions.

  • Ask questions, check common narratives that you hear.
  • Be an attentive listener when having conversations about this issue.
  • Be willing to seek out information and sources that go beyond your comfort zone.

Get educated.

  • Check out our resources page with a list of reports and articles that give a comprehensive overview of the racial and ethnic wealth gap, and how we got here.

Get proximal.

  • Share what you have learned with your network, including friends, families and people in your community. This could include sharing resources and other educational material you come across.
  • Mentor and frequent businesses of color/entrepreneurs of color.
  • Welcome all neighbors, hold your elected officials accountable.
  • Write to your elected officials to support policies and legislation that addresses the racial and ethnic wealth gap and advances economic equity.

Lend your voice.

  • Hear something, say something. Speak up about what you have learned during conversations related to the racial and ethnic wealth gap.
  • Advocate for racial equity at your place of work.
  • Advocate and speak on these issues through community forums, Op-Eds, letter to the editor, etc.


  • Partner by giving your time or money.
  • Give to organizations such as The Chicago Community Trust that are advocating for policies and systems change that will result in greater equity for underserved communities.
  • Give to organizations or initiatives that build access to capital and capacity for entrepreneurs of color.


The facts about the wealth gap in our region

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