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Episode 14: Building a Robust Media Landscape (March 2024)

In this episode of Trust Talks, we explore the current state of the media, how to reverse the decline in local news outlets, and the importance of leveraging a philanthropic funder collaborative to support local media. This episode is hosted by Lauren Woods, program manager with the Trust’s Building Collective team—and features Silvia Rivera, director of local news at MacArthur Foundation; Mauricio Peña, editorial director of Borderless Magazine; Mackenzie Warren, director of the Medill Local News Accelerator; and Christie Hefner, businesswoman and Press Forward donor.

Episode 13: Planning for Equitable Neighborhood Development (January 2024)

In this episode of the Trust Talks podcast, we explore the role of planning in neighborhood development, current efforts to increase investment in Chicago neighborhoods, and the importance of elevating resident voice in the process. This episode is hosted by Edwin Tobar, program manager for The Chicago Community Trust, and features Christina Harris, senior director for Metropolitan Planning Council; Abraham Lacy, president of Far South Community Development Corporation; and Dawveed Scully, managing deputy commissioner at the Chicago Department of Planning and Development.

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