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The Trust’s expertise and deep history of commitment to local communities means that we serve as a trusted partner and advisor to individuals, families, and businesses striving to make a positive impact in the Chicago region and beyond.

The Chicago Community Trust fulfills an essential role as the heart of Chicago philanthropy.

Philanthropy is what we do. We will be your giving coach. Our duty to donors is to make giving more effective.

Give alongside the Trust. Join with like-minded donors and the Trust itself to leverage your support for initiatives that will benefit our region for generations to come.

We will be your giving coach. What is my philanthropic purpose? Is it smarter to make charitable gifts in one larger amount or in multiple smaller doses? Can I create greater impact by funding an endowment in perpetuity or by making a bigger bet in the short term? How much control must I relinquish over how my assets are used? These and similar questions can trouble anyone who gives — and we will help you answer them all.

We Care About
What You Care About

For every interest you hold — such as education, critical needs, neighborhood investment, and more — there is a Trust community impact officer and philanthropic expert who can assist your charitable plan of action.

No financial institution can match the Trust’s depth and breadth of knowledge of Chicago nonprofit organizations. No other philanthropic entity produces as broad a survey of the local landscape as our experts do and have done for over 100 years.

Your Giving Journey with the Trust

The Trust will help you define your priorities, map out your journey, and navigate your options for effective giving.

Giving and Grant Making
Support the organizations and causes that are most important to you. The Trust can help you explore your options and determine the giving vehicle that is best for you.

Planning for the Future
Establish a charitable legacy. The Trust will work with you, your family, and advisors to craft a philanthropic estate plan that will ensure long-lasting support for the Chicago region and the causes that matter to you.

Whether you’re just getting started in giving or you lead a substantial family foundation, The Chicago Community Trust has options that can optimize your giving and help you build new short- and long-term advantages that will move you closer to your financial and legacy planning goals.


We work closely with individuals and families just like you, as well as with your trusted wealth advisors, to ensure that your charitable giving provides the control, flexibility, and impact you’re seeking.

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Professional Advisors

For over 100 years, we have provided donor services that help individuals and families throughout the Chicago region take control of their charitable giving.

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