Donors who make a difference

The Trust’s impact is the combined effort of business leaders giving back. Families working together. Concerned neighbors championing their communities. Every donor has a story.

Every day, families, organizations, businesses and individuals just like you are working to tackle the region’s most pressing needs. We thank you all for your dedication to a stronger, healthier community. Find out how we can help you make your difference.

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Donor Index

This list features the names of those who made a contribution of $250 or more to The Chicago Community Trust from October 1, 2016, to September 30, 2017. We are profoundly grateful to all the generous individuals, families, organizations, businesses and foundations who have provided for the future of the Chicago region.

  • 0-9

    33 Management

  • A

    Abbvie Your Cause, LLC
    Mr. Amer Abdullah
    Michael Abramson Foundation for the Creative and Performing Arts
    Abri Credit Union
    Access Living of Metropolitan Chicago
    Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Adams
    Mr. and Mrs. Hall Adams Jr.
    Ms. Karen Adamson
    Mr. and Mrs. Phil Adams Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Allan Adducci
    Advocate Charitable Foundation
    Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital
    Advocate Health Care
    Aetna Inc.
    After School Matters
    A&G Rentals
    Mr. Karim Ahamed
    AHE/CI Trust
    Mr. Thomas D. Ahern
    Ms. Raida R. Alvi and Mr. Amir Ahmad
    Ms. Dina Kodjayan Albrecht
    Mr. James L. Alexander and Mr. Curtis D. Drayer
    James L. Alexander Trust
    ALEXG Holdings, LLC
    ALG International Holdings, LLC
    Mr. and Mrs. Ron Algrim
    Mr. and Mrs. Brayton B. Alley
    Allstate Foundation
    Allstate Insurance Company
    Mr. Nejd F. Alsikafi and Ms. Fauzia K. Alsikafi
    Alternative Schools Network
    American College
    American Council of Engineering Companies of IL PAC
    American Express Travel Related Services Company
    American Online Giving Foundation, Inc.
    Americans for the Arts
    Mrs. Jewel L. Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. John L. Anderson
    Peggy Anderson
    Ansari Family Foundation
    Aon Foundation
    Ms. Joanna B. Arellano
    Mr. and Mrs. V. Kelley Armour
    Mr. Vernon Armour
    Armstrong Family Trust
    Ms. Betsy Armstrong and Mr. Douglas Armstrong
    Mr. Joel D. Armstrong
    NB Armstrong Trust
    Mr. Ross E. Armstrong
    Ms. Brenda Asare
    Ascension Advancement Office
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Ascoli
    Aspen Institute
    Mr. John Atkinson
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Atz
    Ms. Lynn Donaldson and Mr. Cameron S. Avery

  • B

    Mr. Eugene W. Bader
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Bailen
    Mr. and Mrs. David Bailey
    Baird & Warner, Inc.
    Baird Foundation, Inc.
    Ms. Claudette G. Baker
    Balmorhea Ranches, Inc.
    Bandon Dunes
    Bank of America
    Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.
    Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
    Bank of America Corp.
    Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign
    Ms. Joann Barber
    Dr. June K. Robinson and Mr. William T. Barker
    Mr. and Mrs. Harris M. Barnett
    Carol R. Barney IRA
    Barr Fund
    Mr and Mrs. Richard D. Barrett
    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Barsema
    Mr. Seymour N. Bartlett
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bartram
    Julie and Roger Baskes Charitable Trust
    Alvin H. Baum Family Fund
    Ms. Erin V. Baxendale and Mr. Jason M. Baxendale
    Bayless Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Beard
    Ms. Ellen A. Bechthold
    Ms. Emily Beckelhymer
    Mr. and Mrs. David K. Beecken
    Mr. and Mrs. John Behnke
    Mrs. Prudence R. Beidler and Mr. Francis Beidler III
    Francis Beidler Foundation
    Francis Beidler III and Prudence R. Beidler Foundation
    Mr. Alan Belcher
    Jeffrey J. Bell Revocable Trust
    Ms. Catherine Bendowitz
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Benedetti
    Benevity Community Impact Fund
    Richard L. Bennett Living Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. William C. Benoit
    Mrs. Julie L. Bessent and Mr. Mark McNally
    J. D. Bergman Charitable Foundation
    Birck Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Birck
    Mrs. Michael J. Birck
    Mr. Chris Bischoff
    Ms. Emilie Bischoff
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Bradley Bissell
    Mr. and Mrs. Al Blackburn
    Mrs. Heather Bilandic Black and Mr. Richard B. Black
    Black Stone Minerals Company, LP
    Ms. Sondra Blankenburg
    Ms. Judith E. Blazer
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Block
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew K. Block
    Mrs. Judith S. Block
    Margaret S. Block Trust
    Blue Foundation
    Bluhm Family Charitable Foundation
    Ms. Leslie Bluhm and Mr. David Helfand
    BMO Harris Bank
    Mr. Joelle Bobb
    Robert Thomas Bobins Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Boe
    Boeing Company
    Ms. Virginia Q. Bohn
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bohr
    Bolin Partnership, LP
    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Bonaguidi
    Mr. Michael T. Bosau
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bosau
    Ms. Rita F. Bowdish and Ms. Rachel L. Simmons
    Boys and Girls Club of Chicago
    Ms. Laura Bracken
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Braden
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Braden
    Mrs. Kevin G. Braden
    Ms. Kristen Bradley
    Mr. and Mrs. Saul Brass
    Gregory A. Braun
    Breakthrough Urban Ministries
    Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Breckenridge Jr.
    Mr. Justin Breitfelder
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Brennan III
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brenner
    Bright Funds Foundation
    Brilliance Honda of Crystal Lake
    Brinson Foundation
    Brock Lane Mettz Design, LLC
    Mrs. Susan G. Grossinger and Mr John T. Brodersen
    Mr. Merwyn B. Brodsky
    Ms. Janice Henry and Mr. Ben C. Brostoff
    Mr. Andreason L. Brown
    Ms. Annette Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. Roger O. Brown
    Mr. Benjamin Brunner
    Buchanan Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Buck
    John C. Buddig Trust #2
    Linda and Vincent Buonanno
    Ms. Bonita A. Burrell
    Burridge D. Butler Memorial Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Burridge Jr.
    Ms. Lisa Byrne

  • C

    Caesars Enterprise Services, LLC
    Mr. J. Melfort Campbell
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Campobasso
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Canning Jr.
    Michael G. Canning Dynasty Trust
    Timothy M. Canning Dynasty Trust
    Mr. John Cappi
    Cardinal Stritch University
    Ms. Nadia Carpanzano
    Mr. John A. Carstens
    Ms. Gloria C. Carter
    Casa Central Social Services Corporation
    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Casey
    Cathedral of St. Raymond
    Ms. Kathy Cawley
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Cawley
    CDM Foundation
    Centegra Foundations
    The Center: Resources for Teaching and Learning
    Center Street Foundation
    Central Carolina Community Foundation
    Ms. Adela Cepeda
    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas D. Chabraja
    Mr. and Mrs. David G. Chandler
    Chapman and Cutler, LLP
    Mr. and Mrs. John S. Chapman
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Chase
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Chen
    Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Cherry
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Chesney
    Ms. Donnie F. Chestnutt
    Chicago Bar Foundation
    Chicago Bears Football Club
    Chicago Board Options Exchange
    Chicago Child Care Society
    Chicago Clearing Corporation
    Chicago Commons Association
    Chicago Foundation for Women
    Chicago Lighthouse
    Chicago Youth Centers
    Childrens Home & Aid Society of Illinois
    Ms. Vivian G. Chiu and Mr. Kung Ying Chiu
    Law Office of Jason M. Chmielewski, PC
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Chomicz
    Christopher Family Foundation
    Mr. William Chung
    CIBC Bank USA
    Circle of Service Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Citera
    Citgo Petroleum Corporation
    Citizens for Cynthia Soto
    Citizens for Reilly
    Treasurer of the City of Chicago
    Clarity Partners, LLC
    Clarks Fork Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Clennon
    CME Group
    CME Group Community Foundation
    Ms. Susan Sher and Mr. Neil Cohen
    Ms. Susan L. Grossman and Mr. Sanford M. Cohen
    Cohn Family Foundation, Inc.
    Estate of Marcia S. Cohn
    Rosaline Cohn Residuary Trust
    Mr. Franklin A. Cole
    Mr. Julian G. Coleman Jr.
    Ms. Kate Markin Coleman
    Mr. Lewis M. Collens
    Ms. Michelle L. Collins
    Columbus Foundation
    ComEd, An Exelon Company
    Community Foundation for Northeast Florida
    The Community Foundation of Will County
    Conant Family Foundation
    Mr. Dan Connolly
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Lawrence Connolly
    Ms. Nelda J. Connors
    Cook County
    Ms. Carolyn C. Cook
    Ms. Amy W. Cooke
    Mrs. Karlen Cooney
    R. William Cornell Jr. Trust
    Ms. Ann E. Corp
    Mr. John Corthinos
    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Cottle
    Council on Foundations
    Covalt Family Foundation
    Donald H. Cox Trust
    Ms. Linda D. Cox and Mr. James A. Cox
    Patricia O. Cox Revocable Trust
    Ms. Sheila M. Adams and Ms. Mary Coy
    Margaret K. Crane Trust
    Ms. Deborah Z. Creigh
    Ms. Carol Y. Crenshaw
    Ms. Juju Lien Cross and Mr. Robert C. Cross
    Crossroads Fund
    Ms. Elizabeth I. Crown
    Susan Crown Exchange
    Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce
    Crystal Lake Teen Center
    Mr. George T. Cubr and Ms. Lisa Haderlein
    Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Terence R. Cummings
    Ms. Sandra Vitantonio and Mr. Tilden Cummings Jr.
    Curran Group, Inc.
    Ms. Kara Curran
    Ms. Andrea Cusick
    CVS Corporation Pharmacy, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. D M. Cyganiak

  • D

    Mr. Kevin DAmbrosio
    Ms. Bernadette Keller and Mr. William M. Daley
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dallas
    Ms. Karen Y. Cooke and Mr. Joseph L. Dalton
    Ms. Karen M. Daly
    Michelle Damico Communications
    Daniel Family Charitable Trust II
    Mr. and Mrs. Kent Dauten
    Kassie Davis
    Katherine P. Davis Revocable Trust
    Mrs. Milton O. Davis
    Mrs. Howard M. Dean
    Ms. Jean M. Dennis
    Ms. Shelly Casella Dercole
    Determan Balk Family Foundation
    Mr. Ronald D. Devoe Jr.
    Ms. Elaine Diamond
    Ms. Amina J. Dickerson
    Mr. and Mrs. William P. Dietz Jr.
    Walt Disney Company Foundation
    Mrs. Wesley M. Dixon Jr.
    Mr. Tuan Do
    Ms. Robin R. Doeden
    Mr. Lawrence E. Doherty
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dolan
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Dollinger
    Gloria J. Dollinger Trust
    Jo Ann M. Dollinger IRA
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Domagola
    Donco Paper Supply
    Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
    Ms. Shawn M. Donnelley and Dr. Christopher M. Kelly
    Dorion Gray Financial Services
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dowd
    Ms. Tara L. Dowling
    Ms. Deirdrea C. Drake
    Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust
    Richard H. Driehaus Foundation
    Drost Kivlahan McMahon & O’Connor, LLC
    Duchossois Shared Services, Inc.
    Ms. Tiffany Duffy
    Duke Corporate Accounts Payable
    Mr. and Mrs. G. Grant Duncan
    Mr. Vincent Dunigan
    DuPage Foundation
    Mary A. Dutra Revocable Trust

  • E

    Easter Seals, Inc.
    Eastman Chemical Company
    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Eder
    Education Insurance Agency
    Edward Jones
    Edward Jones Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Egan
    Mr. and Mrs. Terrence P. Egan
    Ms. Carolyn Eggert
    Mr. and Mrs. Bob Eichinger, in Loving Memory of Joan Eichinger
    Mr. Dimitri P. Eliopoulos
    Mildred Duhrkopf Elliott Trust
    Ellipsis, Inc.
    Ms. Linda Ellis
    Ms. Abigail Emerson
    Emerson Collective, LLC
    Emerson College
    Enrollment Specialists, LLC
    Envision Unlimited
    EquiTrust Life Insurance Company
    Mr. Andrew Ericson
    Dr. and Mrs. James C. Erickson III
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Erwin
    Erwin Law, LLC
    Ms. Susan Page Estes and Mr. Andrew Rojecki
    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Estey
    Evans Food Products Co.
    Ms. Joan Evans and Mr. David Evans
    Ms. Joanna Evans
    Mr. Willard S. Evans Jr.
    Ms. Donna Eversman and Mr. David Eversman
    Exelon Business Services

  • F

    Family Focus
    Mr. Robin R. Fandrei
    Mr. Steve Fapka
    Ms. Virginia R. Farley and Mr. Robert B. Shapiro
    Ms. Jane A. Farmer
    Federal Home Loan Bank
    Mr. John Fei
    Judith Fenton Trust
    Ms. Diana Ferguson and Mr. Erroll D. Staton
    Mrs. Lorna C. Ferguson and Dr. Terry N. Nichols Clark
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ferguson
    Robert H. Fergus Elizabeth Ferguson Foundation
    Ms. Carol A. Fetzner
    Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund
    Field Foundation of Illinois, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Field V
    Ms. Caryn Fields
    Mr. William L. Fiffer
    Mr. Barry L. Finkelstein
    Finnegan Family Foundation
    First Midwest Bank
    Ms. Sylvia Neil and Mr. Daniel Fischel
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Fischl
    Rev. Eric Fistler
    Mr. Dennis J. FitzSimons
    Mr. Ezequiel Flores
    Ms. Barbara Flowers
    Flowers for Dreams
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Flynn
    Foglia Family Foundation
    Mr. Joseph D. Foley
    Ford Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Ford
    Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Ford
    Beverly F. Forman Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Foszcz
    Ms. Judy M. Foszcz and Mr. Luis Roberto Padilla
    Russell Foszcz Trust
    Sara Foszcz Trust
    Mr. Craig Fox
    Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP
    J.S. Frank Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. James S. Frank
    Frate Group
    Ruth Frejd Charitable Trusts
    Mr. and Mrs. Calvin W. Frese Jr.
    Ms. Kathleen Freund
    Mr. Jeffrey C. Friedman
    Ms. Miriam Friedman and Mr. Jonathan Friedman
    Ms. Pauline J. Friedman
    Philip M. Friedmann Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Froy
    Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Fuller III
    Ms. Sharon I. Furiya

  • G

    Br. James Gaffney, FSC
    Mr. Paul E. Ganzert
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Garbowicz
    Mrs. Denise B. Gardner and Mr. Gary Gardner
    Gary and Denise Gardner Family Foundation
    Ms. Corliss V. Garner
    Lois Garofalo Charitable Trust
    Garrett Family Foundation
    Geek Chicago, Inc.
    Mr. John Geiringer
    Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Otto K. Georgi Jr.
    Enid Gerber Living Trust
    Ms. Marcia Gettings
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Giannetti
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Gidwitz
    Ms. Fran Chessler and Mr. James M. Gill
    Glasser and Rosenthal Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Glasser
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Goerges
    Gogo, LLC
    Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Goldsmith
    Ms. Joan Goldstein
    Mr. and Mrs. John M. Gonsiorek
    Goodman Family Foundation
    Ms. Patricia A. Goodwin
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Gore III
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gotsch
    Julian Grace Foundation
    Ms. Shelley Stern Grach
    Grainger Foundation
    Mr. Scott Grams
    Ms. Ruth Granger and Mr. David Granger
    Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees
    Mr. and Mrs. Millard J. Grauer
    Ms. Dedrea A. Gray and Mr. Paul L. Gray
    Ms. Katrine T. Gray and Mr. Harry L. Gray
    Mr. and Mrs. Mel A. Gray
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gray
    Greater Chicago Food Depository
    Greater Horizons
    Greater Milwaukee Foundation
    Ms. Jean Green
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Greenberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman Greenberg
    Jack Greenberg 2009 Charitable Lead Trust
    Judith P. Greffin Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Greisman
    Ms. Michelle L. Mouton Greuling and Mr. John E. Greuling
    Ms. Marguerite H. Griffin, JD
    Ms. Chindaly L. Griffith and Mr. Shane D. Griffith
    Griffith Family Unitrust
    Griffith Foods, Inc.
    Ms. Erika L. Grim
    Jeffrey Grinspoon Revocable Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Groner
    Grosvenor Holdings, LLC
    Group Health Research Institute
    David D. & Mary F. Grumhaus Fund
    Guggenheim Capital, LLC
    Guggenheim Life and Annuity Company
    Gulf Coast Community Foundation
    Gunderson Law Firm, LLC
    Leo S. Guthman Fund

  • H

    Haarlow Family Charitable Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Blair Haarlow
    Ms. Evangeline R. Haarlow
    Cyril W. Habiger IRA
    Ms. Diane F. Habiger and Mr. Cyril W. Habiger
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hadac
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Haddad
    Mr. Mark F. Haggarty
    Hagnell Law Offices, LLC
    Mr. Donald E. Hahn
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hahn
    Nancy S. Hall Revocable Trust
    Mr. Douglas W. Hallerberg
    Ms. Stacey Poland Hamburg and Mr. Edward Hamburg
    Hamzavi Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hancock
    Mr. David T. Hanson
    Ms. Amina M. Khan and Mr. Ashraf A. Haque
    Ms. Mary E. Harland
    Ms. Deborah Harrington
    Harris Family Foundation
    Irving Harris Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Harris
    Mr. and Mrs. King W. Harris
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hartfield
    Mr. Neil F. Hartigan
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hartung
    Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
    Mr. and Mrs. Tanju Hasanof
    Mr. and Mrs. Elmer L. Hass
    Health Care Service Corporation
    Healthcare Foundation of Northern Lake County
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heath
    Ms. Sheila Henson
    Mrs. Judith Daso Herb and Mr. Marvin J. Herb
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Herbst Jr.
    Mrs. Michael F. Herlihey
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Hess
    Mr. Brian Heyburn
    David D. Hiller Trust
    Ms. Reagan Himes and Mr. Drew Himes
    Ms. William R. Hinchman Jr.
    Barbara Notz Hines Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hintermeister
    Ms. C. Sue Strohkirch and Mr. David B. Hirschey
    Ms. Evelyn V. Hirth
    Hispanic Housing Development Corporation
    Hitachi Foundation
    Mr. Benjamin Ho and Mr. John A. Lee
    Hoban Family Charitable Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Hoban
    Ms. Suzanne Hoban and Mr. John Sullivan
    Ms. Katherine L. Nee and Mr. Michael E. Hobbs
    D. T. Hollenbeck Trust
    Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider
    Home State Bank, NA
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Hong
    Mrs. Harry A. Hoover
    Ms. Sandra Hopper
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Horas
    Mr. John E. Horn
    F.B Hubacheck Jr. Charitable Remainder Trust
    F.B. Hubachek Jr. Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hunken
    Hunter Family Foundation
    Mr. Thomas Hurwich
    Ms. Mary S. Hwang and Mr. Steve Hwang
    Hyatt Hotels Foundation
    Hyatt Shared Service Center

  • I

    Illinois Agricultural Association dba Illinois Farm Bureau
    Illinois State Treasurer
    Illinois Tool Works Foundation
    Ms. Kathy K. Im and Mr. Young B. Im
    IMB Charitable Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Immesberger
    Inspection Concepts, LLC
    Institute of International Education
    Integrated Coaching Solutions, Inc.
    Inver Grove Honda
    Ms. Sharyn Ioffe
    Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Iorgulescu
    Mr. Syed Irfan
    Mrs. Myah M. Irick and Mr. Jaime A. Irick
    Ms. Julie L. Weltz and Mr. Tom Irvine

  • J

    J&J Maintenance, Inc.
    Paulette J. Jagers
    Ms. Margie J. Jamison
    Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Japp
    Jasculca Terman Strategic Communications
    Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
    Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago
    Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago
    Mr. and Mrs. Jose Jimenez
    Mr. Bruce J. Johnson
    Ms. Erika S. Johnson
    Ms. Kathleen B. Johnson
    Joliet Chamber of Commerce
    Joliet Grade Schools Foundation for Educational Excellence
    Joliet Junior College
    Mr. Douglas D. Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. George Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Jones
    Ms. Margaret E. Jones
    Joyce Foundation
    JPB Foundation
    JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    JPMorgan Chase Foundation

  • K

    Ms. Roula Asaf and Dr. Wayel Kaakaji
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Kachadurian
    Ms. Barbara C. Kahn
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kaiser
    Ms. Eileen Kamerick
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kane
    Kaplan Foundation
    Mr. Alvin M. Karlin
    Karl Knauz Motors, Inc.
    Ms. Tripti Kasal
    Mrs. Donna Kassens and Mr. H. Daniels Kassens
    Ms. Kelly V. Kastning
    Ms. Kimberly B. Keefe
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Keim
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Keiser
    Michael L. Keiser 1990 Trust
    Kellcie Fund
    Keller Group, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. John P. Keller
    Ms. Lucille M. Keller
    W. K. Kellogg Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Richmond W. Kenyon II
    Roy G. Kerr Foundation
    Ms. Amer H. Khan
    Mr. and Mrs. David Killpack
    Ms. Ji Hye Kim
    Mr. and Mrs. Neil King
    Mrs. Loann J. Honesty King and Mr. Paul J. King Jr.
    Mr. Jim F. Kinoshita, CFA, CTFA
    Kinship Trust Company, LLC
    Mrs. Richard P. Kiphart
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Kipp
    Kirkland & Ellis Foundation
    Kiwanis Foundation of Crystal Lake
    Mr. Keith Kizziah
    Wayne G. Klasing Trust
    Ms. Diane Schussel and Mr. Andrew Klein
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael Klepacki
    Klimczak Foundation
    John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
    KF Knight Foundation
    Ms. Jessica L. Kocian
    Mr. Steven G. Kocian
    Rhonda G. Kodjayan Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Koenig
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Kohn
    Martin J. Koldyke Trust
    Patricia and Martin Koldyke
    Ms. Elizabeth A. Kolshak
    Ms. Mary A. Kono and Mr. Gary Kono
    Mr. Bruce Konstant
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kopec
    Ms. Melodee Kornacker
    Ms. Barbara Korobkin
    Mrs. Gloria J. Lindner Kosierowski and Mr. Walter J. Kosierowski
    KPW Family Foundation
    Ms. Patricia C. Kraft
    Jeffry P. Kraus Revocable Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Krebs
    Ms. Jane R. Patterson and Mr. Steven L. Kroll
    Lawrence J. Krueger Revocable Trust
    Ms. Carolyn A. Kucinic
    Ms. Peggy Kukankos
    Mrs. Valerie J. Kundmann and Mr. Thomas J. Kundman
    Mr. William Kunkler III
    Ms. Mary Beth Kupsche
    Ms. Rose M. Kupsche and Mr. Roy H. Kupsche
    Kurtz Paramedic Service, Inc.
    Kyiv Mohyla Foundation of America
    William and Julie Kyte Joint Revocable Trust

  • L

    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Laggett
    Ms. Mavis Laing
    The Lake County Community Foundation
    Land Conservancy of McHenry County
    Mr. and Mrs. William Landes
    Mr. Peter Landon
    Cynthia Landreth Trust
    Ms. Emma Jane Lang and Mr. Richard A. Lang
    Mr. Penfield S. Lanphier
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert T.E. Lansing
    Mr. Stuart D. Lansing
    Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Larkins
    Ms. Elizabeth Larsen
    Charles R. Larson Trust
    Richard W. Lasch Living Trust
    Lavin Family Supporting Foundation of The Chicago Community Trust
    Mr. Billy N. Lawless
    Mr. Thomas J. Leahy
    Learning Fund Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Ervin LeCoque
    Mr. and Mrs. Tracy L. Leddy
    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lee
    Ms. Jee Yeun Lee
    Lefkofsky Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. LeFort
    Mr. and Mrs. M. James Leider
    Janet Leno Revocable Trust
    Ms. Lynne Levey
    Mr. and Mrs. Barry Levontin
    Mr. Julius Lewis
    Mr. William M. Libit
    Ms. Linda Liddell
    Mr. Thomas Liebman
    Mr. and Mrs. John S. Lillard
    Lincolnshire Properties, Inc.
    Lincolnshire Senior Care
    Lind Family Trust
    Elick and Charlotte Lindon Foundation
    Ms. Sheryl Lindstrom
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack K. Lipson
    Mrs. Theodore A. Livingston
    Mr. and Mrs. William F. Lloyd
    Loewenberg Charitable Foundation
    Mr. Richard J. Loewenthal
    Ms. Irene Loewy Hillman and Mr. John Loewy
    Ms. Shawnelle Richie and Mr. Lyle Logan
    Mrs. Robert C. Long
    Loop Capital Markets
    Mr. and Mrs. Horacio Lopez
    Mr. Kenneth F. Lorch
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Lorimor
    Ms. Jennifer Loudon
    Low Income Investment Fund
    Ms. Teresita Gonzales Lowry and Mr. Bill E. Lowry Jr.
    Loyola University Chicago School of Education
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Lubin
    Ann & Robert H. Lurie Childrens Hospital of Chicago
    Lutheran Social Services of Illinois
    William T. Lynch Jr. Charitable Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Lyne

  • M

    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Mabie
    Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mabie
    John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
    Rabbi Tom MacDonald
    Ms. Mardie MacKimm
    Mr. Harrison Mackler
    Mr. Barry L. MacLean
    MacLean-Fogg Company
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Maddix
    Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC
    Mr. Patrick M. Magoon
    Mrs. Janet M. Main and Mr. Alan W. Main
    Ms. Rose Mancuso
    Mrs. Lewis Manilow
    Ms. Jamie Maravich
    Mr. Adam S. Markman
    Ms. K. Sujata and Mr. Laurence D. Marks
    Mars Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Newton Marshall
    Ms. Tamara Marshall
    Mr. Antonio Martinez
    Ms. Cynthia Marx
    Ms. Lotte M. Marx
    Master Spring & Wire Form Co.
    Mr. and Mrs. Marty Masterson
    Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, LTD
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mathias
    Matter Chicago
    Mrs. Edward H. Matthei
    Ms. Karen May and Mr. Daniel May
    Mayer Brown LLP
    Richard and Diane Mayer Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Terry Mazany
    MB Charitable Foundation
    Ms. Jeanne L. McAtamney and Mr. Kenneth J. McAtamney
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. McClain
    Ms. Nancy Davis and Mr. Stuart McCrary
    McCormack Family Foundation Trust
    Robert R. McCormick Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. David McCoy
    McDonald’s Corporation
    Mr. Rob McGhee
    Mr. and Mrs. David A. McGranahan
    Sr. Maureen McGrath
    Ms. LeAnn Pedesen Pope and Mr. Clyde McGregor
    McHenry County Conservation Foundation
    McHenry County Grantee Registration
    McHenry Patriot Run
    Ada S. McKinley Community Services
    Ms. Elizabeth I. McLean
    Mr. Terrence McMahon
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McMeen
    Dr. Catherine Sally A. Walshe and Mr. Thomas P. McMenamin
    Andrew & Jeanine McNally Charitable Foundation
    Ms. Margaret N. McNamara
    Medical Research Analytics and Informatics Alliance
    Mr. Joseph Meginnes
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mendelson
    Robert Mendelson Trust
    Merchant Giving Project, LLC
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Merrifield Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meschewski
    Mesirow Financial
    Metropolis Strategies NFP
    Metropolitan Family Services
    Ms. Erica C. Meyer
    Mr Carl C. Michas
    Mr. Stephen D. Middaugh
    Mrs. Rachel Tigner and Mr. Barrett D. Milliken
    Mr. and Mrs. Corey Minturn
    Mr. Richard W. Mitchell Lee and Mrs. Judy L. Mitchell
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Mogentale
    Miss Rebecca Dill and Mr. Peter Monko
    Monroe Foundation
    Mr. Paul T. Montoya
    Mr. and Mrs. Alex Moore
    Ms. Sarah M. Morales
    Mr. Chad Moran
    Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Moroni
    Ms. Alaina P. Morris and Mr. Christian B. Morris
    Ms. Ellen Morrison
    Harold M. and Adeline S. Morrison Family Foundation
    Mr. Paul Morrison
    Mr. William B. Morrison
    Mr. and Mrs. William L. Morrison
    Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust
    David and Linda Moscow Foundation
    Mrs. Suzanne Kopp Moskow and Mr. Michael H. Moskow
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Moster
    Motorola Solutions Foundation
    Ms. Serena L. Moy
    Ms. Miranda F. Moy and Mr. Walter C. Moy
    Ms. Peggy Mueller
    Mr. and Mrs. James L. Mulshine
    Mrs. Joseph E. Murrow
    Ms. Magdalena Murzanski
    Ms. Katherine Musbach
    Mr. and Mrs. John S. Muszynski
    Mutual of America Life Insurance Company
    Ms. Sejal Shah Myers and Mr. Matthew Myers

  • N

    Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Naas
    Ms. Renee L. Naffziger
    NAMI of McHenry County
    Ms. Leena Nanda
    National Philanthropic Trust
    National Skills Coalition
    Mr. Dale Nelmes and Mrs. Lynne Nelmes
    Neopost USA, Inc.
    Network for Good
    New Venture Fund
    New York Community Trust
    Ms. Kim Nguyen
    Ms. LeMinh Hoang and Minh Thien Nguyen
    Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. Family Charitable Trust
    Mr. Daniel J. Nielsen
    Ms. Meredith Nordbrock
    Northern Illinois Heart Institute
    Northern Trust Company
    Northern Trust Investments, Inc.
    Northshore University HealthSystem
    Northwestern Memorial HealthCare
    Northwestern University
    Not-For-Profit Resources
    Numark Credit Union
    Bill Nygren Foundation

  • O

    Mr. and Mrs. Terrence J. O’Bryan
    Mrs. Dianna L. O’Connor and Mr. Timothy J. O’Connor
    Mr. and Mrs. John O’Laughlin
    Dr. Nora C. O’Malley
    President and Mrs. Barack Obama
    Mr. and Mrs. Leon Oberlander
    Mr. Juan Ochoa
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Ochsenhirt
    Ms. Joan Ogwumike
    Mr and Mrs. Thomas C. Olcese
    Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Oliverii
    Mr. and Mrs. Keith C. Olson
    Mohammad Omar Revocable Trust
    One Hope United
    OSA Foundation
    Ms. Suzan S. Halabi and Mr. Anas Osman
    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew O. Ostrem
    Ms. Barbara Oughton and Mr. Ray L. Oughton
    Ms. Marilyn B. Owen

  • P

    Ms. Lauren Pabst
    Pangea Payments, Inc.
    Pangea Properties
    Mr. and Mrs. Miraj Parikh
    Ms. M. Angela Parilac and Mr. Michael J. Parilac
    John C. and Carolyn Noonan Parmer Private Foundation
    Barbara Parson IRA
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Pascoe
    Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pastron
    Mr. Ebrahim S. Patel
    Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)
    Ms. Mary Patillo
    Mr. and Mrs. William T. Patterson
    Estate of Nick Patti
    Mr. Jeffrey C. Paulson
    Peace Corner Youth Center
    Nicholas Pearce
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Pearsall
    Joseph Pedott Revocable Trust
    Peer Foods Group, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick R. Pelling
    Peoples Gas Light and Coke Co.
    Barbara Reed Perkaus Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Perkaus Jr.
    Mr. Phil Perkins
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Perkins
    Dr. Stuart Perlik
    Mr. and Mrs. Alain Perregaux
    Ms. Clarisse B. Perrette
    The PERT Foundation
    Mr. Shaun Pesce
    Mr. and Mrs. John L. Peterson
    Mrs. Lillian Petrick and Mr. Michael Petrick
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. Pfau
    PFM Financial Advisors LLC
    Mr. Denis Pierce
    Ms. Elizabeth A. Pitrof
    Mr. Raymond N. Plank
    PNC Foundation
    John F. Podjasek III Dynasty Trust
    Jeffrey E. Podjasek Dynasty Trust
    Poetry Foundation
    Polk Bros. Foundation
    Ms. Beatriz Ponce de León and Mr. Ricardo Estrada
    Ms. Judith M. Porter
    Mr. and Mrs. Everett H. Pratt Jr.
    Presence Health Network
    Linda Price Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Price
    Richard S. Price Trust
    Ms. Tami T. Pringle and Mr. Joseph B. Pringle
    Ms. Sarah M. Pritchard
    Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation
    Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation
    Ms. Suzanne Pritzker
    Professionals, Inc.

  • Q

    Deborah Hicks Quazzo Charitable Fund at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida
    Ms. Christine Quigley and Mr. Jason Quigley
    Mr. Patrick Quinn
    Qureshi Family Foundation at Fidelity Charitable

  • R

    Mr. Irwin Racine
    Mr. and Mrs. Aziz Rahman
    Mr. John Raith
    Mr. Krishna G. Ramachandran
    Rathbun, Cservenyak & Kozol, LLC
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Eugene Ray
    Ms. Marialuisa Keane and Mr. Raul I. Raymundo
    Ms. Amy Z. Reavis and Mr. Marshall W. Reavis IV
    Red Bird Hollow Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Reece
    Mr. Bryan Rees
    Michael Reese Health Trust
    Ms. Hina Ghors and Mr. Aamir A. Rehman
    Richard and Marianne Reinisch Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Marvin N. Reizner
    Renewal Center
    Reservoir Minerals, LP
    Ms. Anne Reusché and Mr. David Marzahl
    Mr. Sendhil Revuluri
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Richman
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rickett
    David P. Riley Revocable Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rimington
    Risk Consulting Partners Chicago, LLC
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ritter
    Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Rittle
    Mr. Michael F. Rittof
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Rizzo
    RLB3 Capital, LLC
    Mr. Matthew Robbins
    Ms. Baronica Y. Roberson
    Ms. Erin Roberts
    Ms. Nicole Robinson
    Ms. Elizabeth H. Roche and Mr. Joseph Roche
    Mr. Oscar Rodriguez
    Ms. Lindsey Rogers
    Ms. Sarah Morrison and Mr. William Rogers
    Mr. Robert T. Rohde
    Missy Cook Romanoff
    Stephena A. Romanoff Trust
    Mr. James Rondeau
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Roob
    Mr. and Mrs. James M. Roolf
    Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
    Mrs. Merle A. Rosenberg
    Rossman Family Charitable Fund
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Rosulek
    Mr. Robert A. Roth
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Rother
    Ms. Sharon Rothstein
    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Rowe
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Roy
    Ms. Patricia K. Yuzawa Rubin and Mr. Jack Rubin
    Mr. and Mrs. David Ruder
    Ms. Ellen A. Rudnick
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ruebenson
    Ms. Nancy Ruggero
    Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H. Ruiz
    Rush University Medical Center
    Mr. and Mrs. E. Wesley Russell
    Mr. Mark Russell
    Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Foundation
    Ryan Enterprises Group

  • S

    Joyce A. Saar Liv. TR
    Mr. Rizwan M. Sabar
    Ms. Farah Hatia and Mr. Yasir Sabri
    Mr. Nathaniel Sack
    Ms. Michelle Saddler
    Safer Foundation
    Dr. Carol and Mr. Gene Saffold
    SAGE Private Wealth Group, LLC
    SAGE Products
    Ms. Shelley C. Gorson and Mr. Alan N. Salpeter
    San Antonio Area Foundation
    Sanctuary Farms
    Mr. and Mrs. David H. Sanders
    Jacqueline F. Sanders Trust
    S&C Electric Company
    Sarode Foundation
    Satter Foundation
    Joan M. Savin Trust
    Ms. Terri Voss and Mr. Jerry W. Savitt
    Mrs. Dilara Alim Sayeed and Mr. Yousuf G. Sayeed
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schaffer
    Ms. Julie F. Schauer
    Julie F. Schauer 1994 Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Scheck
    Mrs. Christine Schellhaass
    Ms. Misuzu Schexnider
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Schildgen
    Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. Schiller
    Ms. Leah Schleicher
    Mr. Paul Schmitz
    Dr. Scholl Foundation
    Schott Foundation for Public Education
    Ms. Susan M. Schott and Mr. Thomas J. Schott
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Schottland
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schuham
    Ms. Loretta Grennon and Mr. Stephen D. Schutt
    Schwab Charitable Fund
    Mr. and Mrs. Donnell J. Schwarz
    Sam and Dona Scott Fund at Fidelity Charitable
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Scribner
    Ms. Michele J. Hooper and Mr. Lemuel Seabrook III
    Trusts created under the Will of Frances C. Searle
    John G. Searle Family Trust
    Mrs. William L. Searle
    Segal Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Gordon I. Segal
    Mr. Adam Seidenberg
    Mr. Andrew Selcke
    Sentinus, LLC
    Seven ‘C’ Foundation
    Phyllis W. Shafron LIV Trst
    Mr. Raj C. Shah, MD
    Mr. and Mrs. Urvi A. Shah
    Sameer Shamsi
    Ms. Shelley A. Kleinhans and Mr. Douglas Sharfstein
    Mr. Abraham Sharon
    Ms. Britt Shawver
    Mr. David Shayne
    Mr. and Mrs. David P. Shea
    Mr. Francis Sheahen
    John G. Shedd Aquarium
    Leonard L. Sherman Revocable Trust
    Dave and Becky Shook Family Charitable Fund
    Shore Fund
    Mr. M.A. Siddiqui
    Siemens Foundation
    Ms. Lois Ann Simms
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Simon
    Mr. and Mrs. Danny G. Simpson
    Siragusa Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sise
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Skinner
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Sleckman
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Sluman
    Smith Physical Therapy & Running Academy, LLC
    Mr. Allen Smith
    Ms. Elizabeth L. Smith
    Mrs. Kenneth B. Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Lewis P. Smith
    Louise K. Smith Foundation
    Ms. Sharon R. Smith
    Society of the First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest
    Mr. and Mrs. George Soderberg
    Ms. Marlene J. Booth and Mr. Aviam Soifer
    Solberg Manufacturing, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Tor Solberg
    Ms. Unmi Song
    Betty M. Soren Declaration of Trust
    Ms. Jeanne Sorrentino
    Spain, Spain & Varnet, PC
    Spark Publicis Media
    Mr. and Mrs. Christian Spesia
    Ms. Catherine L. Spevok
    Mr. Mike Splitt
    Otho S.A. Sprague Memorial Institute
    Mr. Daniel Sprehe
    Springboard Foundation
    Florence and Laurence Spungen Family Foundation
    Mr. Patrick M. Stack
    Mr. Donald W. Stage
    Stamps 1998 CGC Trust
    Ms. Sallie Stanley
    Steans Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Harrison I. Steans
    Dr. and Mrs. Kasiel Steinhardt
    Mr. Jerold Steinman
    Mr. Alexander Stellas
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Stern
    Mr. John Stevenson
    Ms. Rebecca Stocchetti
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Stone
    Mr. and Mrs. John Streit
    Mr. and Mrs. William Streit
    Ms. Beverly Strellner
    Mr. Reid Strellner
    Mr. and Mrs. Alexander D. Stuart
    Dr. and Mrs. David A. Stumpf, MD
    Mr. and Mrs. Sergio D. Suarez
    Mr. Domingo P. Such III and Mrs. Sun L. Such
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sullivan
    Summer House Santa Monica
    Supermercado El Guero #1, Inc.
    Supermercado El Guero #8, Inc.
    Supermercado El Guero #10, Inc.
    Supermercado El Guero de Aurora, Inc.
    Supermercado El Guero de Crest Hill, Inc.
    Supermercado El Guero de Farnsworth, Inc.
    Sutton Ford, Inc.
    Sutton Revocable Family Trust
    Mr. Paul A. Svoboda
    Mr. Kevin Swatek
    Mrs. Phillips F. Swift

  • T

    Ms. Dominica Tallarico
    Mrs. Marie Tallmadge
    Ms. Patricia Tamney
    Mr. Anthony J. Tangora
    Ms. Jennifer Tani
    Ms. Mary Murphy and Mr. Peter Taub
    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Taubeneck
    Ms. Rebecca L. Ford Terry and Mr. Don Terry
    Ms. Ariel Thomas
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Thomas
    Mr. and Mrs. Sean W. Thomas
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Thompson
    Mr. RB Thompson
    Ms. Suzanne Thurston and Ms. Janet E. Travetto
    Mr. Sam Toia
    Mr. Rodney A. Tonelli
    Mr. Thomas F. Toser
    Ms. Anna May L. Trala
    Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund
    Ms. Merle Trees
    Mr. and Mrs. James Trybom
    The Honorable Tom Tunney
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Tupper
    Mr. Chani Turk
    Mr. Richard B. Turner

  • U

    U.S. Cellular Corporation
    UBS Financial Services, Inc.
    Ed Uihlein Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ullian
    United States Artists
    United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
    University of Illinois
    Urban Initiatives, Inc.
    Urban Partnership Bank
    US Bank
    Theodore M. Utchen IRA

  • V

    Mr. Albert Van Maren
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Vander Weele
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. VanderVoort
    Vanguard Charitable
    Mrs. Charles G. Van Wiggeren
    Ms. Diane C. Vasti and Mr. Nicholas Vasti
    Ms. Carmen Velasquez
    Ms. Janet M. Viano and Mr. Lawrence Viano
    Ms. Veronica Vidal
    Village of Bolingbrook
    Michael Vitali & Associates
    Tua Earl Von Dabrowski
    Voyager Group, LTD

  • W

    W.F. Foundation
    Ms. Kate Wade
    Ms. Pamela R. Wade
    Ms. Carrie Wagner and Mr. John Wagner
    Ms. Mary H. Waite
    Ms. Roberta Wajrowski
    Ms. Joan M. Rothenberg and Mr. Kenneth R. Walchak
    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wall
    Mr. and Mrs. Joel Wallin
    Wal-Mart Foundation
    Walton Street Capital, LLC
    Mr. Qaiser F. Waraich
    Ms. Deborah Ward
    Mr. Richard C. Warner
    Warwick Foundation
    Ms. Lois J. Wass
    Watkins Family Charitable Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Watts
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Watts
    Ms. Gale Strenger Wayne and Mr. Robert I. Wayne
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Weasler
    Dr. and Mrs. Girard W. Weber
    Mr. and Mrs. William C. Weber
    Mr. and Mrs. William P. Weber
    Wieboldt Foundation
    Charlotte E. Wiedman Trust
    Harry & Jeannette Weinberg Foundation, Inc.
    Ms. Phyllis Weiner
    Mr. and Mrs. William C. Weinsheimer
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Welch
    Ms. Chris Welles
    Ms. Georgia E. Welles
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Welles
    Wells, Inc.
    Wells Blair, LTD
    Ms. Kerry C. Wellstein and Mr. John S. Wellstein
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wellstein
    Mr. and Mrs. Cris John Wenthur
    West Jeff Auto Sales, LLC
    Western Wind Foundation
    West Monroe Partners
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. White
    Ms. Harriet White
    White Ranch Minerals, LTD
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wiers
    Mr. Wayne Wiest
    William Blair & Company, LLC
    William Blair & Company Foundation
    Ms. Donna M. Williams
    Mr. H. Randolph Williams
    Ms. Jill M. Garling and Mr. Thomas J. Wilson II
    Ms. Deborah L. Wineman and Mr. Jeffry S. Wineman Jr.
    Wings Program
    Alfred Z. Winick Revocable Trust
    Winthrop Harbor School District #1
    Ms. Lindsay Wishart
    Ms. Beverly Wolf Goodman and Mr. Gregory A. Wolf
    Mr. and Mrs. Ira Wolf
    Mrs. Linda S. Wolf and Mr. Ron Wolf
    Margery S. Wolf Charitable Remainder Trust
    Mrs. Arnold R. Wolff
    Wood Family Foundation
    Woods Fund of Chicago
    Ms. Suzanne Wright

  • Y

    Sam Droste Yagan Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Yang
    Ms. Angela Cook and Mr. Christopher Yarusso
    Joseph Yashon
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Yazbec
    Mr. and Mrs. Joel M. Yeomans
    YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago
    Ms. Judy Yoo and Mr. Jay Yoo
    Youth Advocate Programs
    Youth Guidance
    Youth Making a Difference / Hands 4 Hope

  • Z

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Zita
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Zuckerman