LGBTQ Community Fund

Supporting Chicago’s LGBTQ Community through Philanthropy

In 2010, civic leaders joined in a commitment to addressing a broad range of needs within the LGBTQ community, through strategic support to nonprofit organizations that serve it. Through an operating grant from The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust and funding support from The Chicago Community Trust, The LGBTQ Community Fund serves as a tool to educate the region about LGBTQ issues and promote effective philanthropy to achieve strategic change. The fund works toward the vision of a region where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer residents live responsibly in harmony with all communities, enjoying the same freedoms and quality of life, and with the same opportunity to make the region a better and safer place for all to live.

2019 Community Needs Assessment

In 2018, the LGBTQ Community Fund partnered with Morten Group for a second time to launch a grassroots participatory action research process to learn about the most urgent needs and opportunities for Chicago’s LGBTQ community. More than 2,000 individuals took the time to complete an online survey, fill out a data card or participate in a focus group to contribute their knowledge and lived experience to the study. Read the 2019 Chicago LGBTQ Community Needs Assessment Summary.

Review 2011 Community Needs Assessment.


We invite your investment in the LGBTQ Community Fund. Our fundraising goal for the LGBTQ Community Fund II is $1.5 million—to date, thanks to the generosity of our community, we have raised $1.3 million.

Gifts can be made online, by check or by a gift of securities, or you can consider including the Fund in your estate planning.

The LGBTQ Community Fund is also an endowed fund, which will also, in the future dedicate its endowment income to providing strategic grant support for nonprofit agencies. With this permanent resource, the most pressing needs of Chicago’s LGBTQ community can be met in perpetuity—no matter what challenges emerge in years ahead.


To date the LGBTQ Community Fund has awarded more than $1.25 million dollars to over 40 organizations serving the needs of LGBTQ community.

In their first round of funding, the LGBTQ Community Fund awarded $282,500 to 14 organizations in August 2015. These IMPACT Grants provided funding for capacity building and for seed money for new products/organizations, or those in their infancy.

The second round of funding supported innovative, replicable projects that reach traditionally underserved populations. Three projects, each representing a collaboration between two organizations, received $350,000 in Transformational Grants in spring 2016.

A third round of funding, for projects addressing urgent and underserved needs—healthcare, safety, and services to youth and seniors—awarded $315,000 in Community Grants in spring 2017.

The LGBTQ Community Fund launched Fund II in fall of 2018, providing the first round of $200,000 in Impact Grants to eight organizations with programmatic focus areas in healthcare, community safety, services for youth and senior citizens. The Fund is currently accepting proposals for its second round of grants.

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The LGBTQ Community Fund announced Fund II Round II grant recipients in March 2020. Review Community Grants PDF on previous grant eligibilities and funding criteria’s from Fund II Round II.

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  • 2011 Needs Assessment

    In October 2011, the Fund launched the LGBTQ Community Needs Assessment. Over 2,000 Chicagoans representing a wide variety of sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, races, socioeconomic backgrounds and residential areas shared their insight into the assets, needs and challenges of the region’s LGBTQ community. Data from the survey were used to shape the Fund’s first round of grant making, and will continue to inform the Fund’s philanthropic strategy in future. View the report

    In 2019, the Fund released its second Needs Assessment to follow up on learnings from and progress since the first. View the summary report, or read more about the 2018 launch that kicked it off.

  • Steering Committee

    Katherine Groninger, Ph.D. (Co-Chair)
    Alan G. Harder (Co-Chair)
    Duke Alden
    Bernard T. Bartilad
    Bonita Burrell
    Raymond E. Crossman, Ph.D.
    Katie Eccles
    Alexa Katz
    Victoria Raymont
    Luis Roman
    Daniel Sprehe

    Life Members:
    Prue Beidler
    Denise Foy
    Adnaan Hamid
    Ken O’Keefe
    Ryan VanMeter