Partnerships and Initiatives

Through the years, the Trust has created many types of initiatives to help our region—and its foundations, businesses, civic leaders, and individuals like you—most effectively engage with the issues they care about. Through special task forces like these, we tackle issues of concern from innovative angles, or harness the power of civic collaboration for greater impact. Learn more about our partnerships and initiatives here.


On the Table kicks off the Trust’s Centennial year. From May 2015 to May 2016, every day of our 100th year will be dedicated to celebrating the work you do and the gifts you make of your time, treasure and talent. From shoveling snow for a neighbor in need, to making a donation to a cause that moves you: you are a philanthropist. And we want to share your story.

Signature Initiatives

As we invest the resources of generations of donors into serving our community, we engineer creative approaches to amplify the impact of our grant making.

Centennial Partners

Geographic Affiliates

Our connection with the region’s diverse communities beyond Chicago has inspired the creation of partner foundations—deeply rooted, authentically informed forces of strategic leadership for addressing local challenges.

Identity-focused Funds

Honoring the rich traditions of caring and mutual support within many communities, the Trust’s giving groups invite individuals and families to join together in philanthropy inspired by a shared heritage or a common cause.

Project Partnerships

In a rich ecosystem of nonprofits, businesses and civic institutions, the Trust builds partnerships that can kickstart creative solutions or accelerate progress toward addressing the most complex challenges.