Safer Pest Control Project

Due largely to the work of Safer Pest Control Project (SPCP), Illinois is a leader in reducing pesticide use in public spaces. Safer Pest Control Project engages and empowers the communities we serve through a variety of strategies that include outreach, advocacy, coalition building, technical assistance, training, and model programs and policies. SPCP has been extremely successful at reaching populations that are both disproportionately exposed to pesticides and more vulnerable to their health impacts. SPCP not only promotes awareness about the dangers of pesticides, but also provides the people it serves with viable alternatives that are safer and more effective than conventional pest control methods. This approach has allowed us to build cooperative relationships with environmental and public health organizations as well as government agencies including: City of Chicago, Chicago Housing Authority (CHA), Chicago Public Schools (CPS), Respiratory Health Association, Healthy Schools Campaign, and Illinois Pes

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