Project Brotherhood

PB opened its doors in the Woodlawn neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side on November 4 1997. A multi-disciplinary team of mostly county employees including social workers academics and medical staff started the clinic as part of the Cook County health system. Using primary medical care with preventative education and adding community outreach Project Brotherhood had a vision to address the causes of poor health and low participation in the health care system among black men better than anyone else had done. To ensure a program design that was culturally specific and would effectively solve health issues for the clients the team conducted focus groups with black men to find out why the men rarely visited the doctor. The responses were the basis for the program design. The men said "lack of respect" so PB made their primary feature the creation of "a safe respectful place" where black men felt comfortable just being themselves and were served by black male professionals. The men said "embarrassed about our unke

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