Parkways Foundation

Parkways Foundation was created in 1994 as an avenue to raise private funds for projects within the Chicago Park District (CPD) for the enrichment of the physical and cultural landscape of Chicago's neighborhoods. Our scope includes, but is not limited to, the needs of children and families as well as historic preservation.

The size, scope and vision of the CPD make it virtually impossible to stretch taxpayer dollars to cover every priority. Working in partnership with CPD leadership, our board of directors, private donors, foundations and corporations, Parkways is able to provide support for projects that may not otherwise get funded in a timely manner. Through philanthropy, we strive to maintain and build upon the legacy of Chicago’s unique system of parks.

Beginning early in Chicago’s history, parks have been a key element of the city’s urban design. In the late 1890’s, Jane Addams and other reformers recognized that the city’s existing parks, known as “pleasure grounds,” were located far away from

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