Latino Alzheimer’s and Memory Disorders Alliance

In 2006 Latinos accounted for 20% of the regions population (1,722,843), making them the largest ethnic group in Metropolitan Chicago. Among Latinos, Mexican is the largest national origin population group accounting for nearly 79% of all Latinos in the region. They are followed by Puerto Ricans at nearly 9% and Guatemalans at nearly 2%.

Alzheimers disease represents 60% of the cause of dementia identified in the Latino community. The vital risk to suffer dementia from Alzheimer type would be, for men 25.5% and for female 31.9%. The incidence of dementia in people older than 85 years is elevated (more than 40%).

The relatives of a patient with Alzheimers will became the victims of the disease; because there is a change in roles, expectations and responsibilities within the family members. LAMDA created in 2007, supports the families by increasing their knowledge of dementia and care strategies.

Purpose: for an Organizational Capacity and Development Plan