Independent Feature Project/Chicago

Founded in 1987, the Independent Feature Project (IFP)/Chicago, originally called IFP/Midwest, was started as a 50-member organization that met in a local pub, having neither offices nor staff, and programs limited to member-made films. In 1992, the first annual IFP/Midwest Independent Filmmaker's Conference was held with a modest schedule of events and list of speakers. From 1993 through 2000, the IFP strengthened its annual conference and began hosting filmmaking workshops and screenings of independent films. The backbone of the organization was the working board of directors. In 2000, Rebekah Cowing was hired as Executive Director part-time, resulting in increased membership and a cash reserve that afforded the organization enough stability to develop a full time staff. The IFP/Chicago hired full-time executive director Elizabeth Donius in May 2004. The past three years have brought transformational growth in the form of increased staff, membership, programming, board investment, foundation support and a 4

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