Esperanza Community Services

Our roots date to 1969 when Guadalupe Reyes a mother with a disabled son decided to create the academic and developmental services that were not available to her child anywhere else. The dedication and advocacy that helped create Esperanza are still at the core of our work and drive us to continue meeting the needs of developmentally disabled individuals from low-income families. Esperanza Community Services is an agency that is outcomes-focused in all of our programs. We use formal evaluations like SAMA in our CILAs the Brigance Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills Illinois Alternative Assessment and a specialized curriculum at Esperanza School Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in our Behavior Program and other data-driven measurement tools in all programs. Each adult participant and students? academic and developmental progress is tracked daily and each individual?s behavior is observed recorded and graphed regularly to indicate progress and areas for growth.Esperanza has built a reputation among our famil

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