CUB Consumer Education Research Fund

In response to rising electricity rates in the early 1980s?and the rising public frustration that accompanied them?the Illinois legislature created CUB in 1983 to serve as a voice for residential and small business utility customers. Although created by the state, with a legislatively-mandated charter, structure and mission, CUB is not a state agency. It is a privately funded, independent, statewide non-profit organization.

With over 100,000 members statewide, CUB has become the premier consumer group in Illinois and the only organization in the state devoted solely to helping Illinois residents understand and save money on their gas, electric and telephone bills. The breadth and scope of CUB?s work in recent years prompted the St. Louis Post Dispatch to hail it as the ?gold standard? of consumer groups nationwide.

Throughout its 27-year history, CUB has advocated for consumer rights before state and federal regulatory agencies, legislative bodies and in court, helping to secure landmark court rulings

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