The Trust envisions a region where residents live in places they can call home. Despite significant efforts made during the past decade to advance public, affordable and mixed-income housing, our region has seen a significant increase of homeless people, cost-burdened renters and homeowners unable to make their mortgage payments. The Great Recession and the most recent housing crisis have exacerbated all these problems at once. Our hardest-hit residents have been people of color, with African-American and Latino communities disproportionately suffering the effects of homelessness, dilapidated rental stock, mortgage fraud and foreclosures.

In order to transform Chicago into a sustainable, competitive and equitable region, the Trust’s funding supports organizations that work to increase the number of people living in quality homes that they can afford, across the entire spectrum of housing options. The Trust seeks to ensure that every resident has a safe and secure place to call home by providing support for research, policy, advocacy, housing development, renters’ rights, foreclosure prevention, homeownership promotion and services aimed at ending homelessness.