There is a growing recognition that the current model of investment in the nation’s health system is unacceptable. The dramatic rise in health care costs has led many stakeholders to explore innovative ways of reducing costs and improving health. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes health system reform a mandate at the highest levels of government, heralding a new era of transformation. The scope of the ACA legislation is broad and deep, impacting how care and support services are delivered, financed and regulated. However, much work still remains to ensure vulnerable populations can access health care benefits. Meanwhile, research findings continue to clarify the importance of primary prevention. And an unprecedented wealth of health data is providing new means to understand and address community-level health concerns.

Support is needed for innovative efforts to spur improvement in the delivery system, transform existing payment structures and innovate new ways to care for complex patients. The Trust focuses on these areas, as well as on addressing the public health challenges posed by systemic poverty. Our vision is a healthier region that enjoys a well-coordinated, organized system of care for those with and without insurance.