Building Collective Power


In order to achieve our vision for the Chicago region, we believe residents need to be connected to strong, resilient and credible relationship networks. Such networks are essential to the creation of social capital—trusted relationships that lead to people supporting each other. Through these networks, every person can have access to information they need to build and strengthen their neighborhoods. Additionally, they help residents harness their power to drive collective action that creates positive change in their communities.

The Trust will invest in collective power that leads to more equitable, livable and resilient communities within under-resourced and under-invested Black and Latinx communities.



We will support resident-led initiatives aimed at creating positive change in their neighborhoods.

Opportunities for funding:



We will work to strengthen local media and storytelling platforms to reflect and amplify authentic community narratives. We will support the creation and amplification of community-based media, arts and culture, community events on critical community issues and stories that reflect the lived experiences of community residents.



We will support community-inspired, resident-driven campaigns and activities that advance a community agenda. We will also support the implementation of grassroot actions developed by community-led networks and coalitions.


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