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A partner at McDermott Will & Emery, Dick Lang provides trusted legal counsel to a number of the wealthiest individuals and families in the nation across a range of areas, including wealth transfer and tax planning. For almost as long as he’s been practicing law, Lang has also been an invaluable friend to the Trust, connecting the institution to other professional advisors and opening doors to new relationships with prospective donors.

“When I think of the Trust, three words come to mind: flexible, efficient, dedicated,” Lang says. “The bureaucracy of large banks and trust companies can make it very difficult to get things done for clients. But that has never been my experience with the Trust, even as it has significantly grown over the years. When I suggest that we work with the Trust, I know it’s going to be an efficient experience for me and my client.”

When clients want to set up a private foundation, Lang often recommends that they first learn about donor advised funds (DAF) at the Trust. “The DAF is a streamlined model that allows the donor to do everything a private foundation would, but without the hassle,” Lang says. “And the Trust provides many built-in advantages that you definitely won’t get at a commercial DAF provider—for example, meaningful information on the issues and players in the philanthropic areas you care about.” 

“When I think of the Trust, three words come to mind: flexible, efficient, dedicated.” -Dick Lang

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Our community expertise is one reason Lang has felt confident introducing the Trust to prospective supporters within his network. “I’ve attended many Trust events where I learn about its programs and hear from guest speakers who work directly on the issues. It’s always a humbling and eye-opening experience, and I’m sure it’s partly responsible for my enthusiasm in recommending the Trust.”

His track record with the Trust is long, but like any good estate planner, Lang has a keen eye on the future. Going forward, he hopes the Trust will maintain the flexible, efficient style he has valued for decades. “I see other institutions moving in the opposite direction, and to my mind that creates an even greater opportunity for a place like the Trust to remain nimble, humble, and responsive to their donors’ needs.”