Put the Pens Down: Why Appreciated Stock Beats Checks for Year-End Giving

Why transfers of appreciated stock are the smart way to be charitable this year-end giving season Tweet This

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One year ago, who could have imagined the Dow Jones Industrial Average would pass 23,000?

There is no doubt that 2017 has been a memorable year, particularly for the stock market. This uptick in the market likely means substantial unrealized gains for many of your clients.

With holidays and the end of the year quickly approaching, and daily conversations about congressional tax reform, there is a good chance your clients are already thinking about their year-end tax planning strategies. Clients who are philanthropically minded may be thinking about the role charitable donations play in these strategies.

The first inclination for many of your clients may be to write a check. However, this is where your expertise and guidance is invaluable. It could very well be the perfect time to advise your clients to put their pens down and consider the transfer of appreciated stock into a donor advised fund.

Through a transfer of appreciated stock, your clients avoid the capital gains and claim a charitable deduction for the stock’s fair market value. Additionally, they have time to be purposeful with their philanthropy.


Donor advised fund holders at The Chicago Community Trust have access to 102 years of grant making expertise, and professionals that can assist both you and your clients with due diligence. For more information on donor advised funds or making gifts of appreciated securities before the year’s end, please contact Tim Bresnahan at or (312)565-2832, or Abbe Temkin at or (312)565-2529.