Driving Neighborhood Growth by Surveying Local Spending Power

Chicago TREND survey analyzes neighborhood spending power to attract the right retailers Tweet This

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Launched in 2016, Chicago TREND works to strengthen neighborhoods by accelerating retail development in communities whose retail markets have often been overlooked, but where appropriate retail investments can be a driver for positive change.

Chicago TREND aims to be a centralized resource for real estate developers, retailers and community development organizations seeking to invest in profitable retail projects that can prompt desired change. Chicago TREND works with communities to attract and secure the right retailer—who would not otherwise go there—to the right neighborhood location, at the right moment in time, to support neighborhood transformation.

As a result of Chicago TREND’s work, retailers understand more about neighborhoods and high potential commercial corridors and intersections.

To achieve its purpose, Chicago TREND offers a suite of services that identify strategic opportunities, shorten the typical development timeline, and provide financial incentives for retailers and developers. The Chicago TREND mission of “retail on the leading edge” is made possible by bringing “big data” to neighborhoods; through master deal brokering that aligns retail with other development; and through financing that reduces cost and risk for retailers willing to play a role in leading the local market.

To forward this work, Chicago TREND is using original survey data from individual shoppers and sophisticated predictive analytic models to identify untapped retail development opportunities and put them on retailers’ radar. For their current survey, their goal is to hear from a minimum of 8,000 residents of the West Side and South Side of Chicago.

Through your survey response, you can communicate the kinds of retail needed in our neighborhood—and help pave a path to more economically vibrant communities in Chicago.