Open Call for Ideas: Finance and Development

Finance and development tools that facilitate neighborhood investment and ownership

Governments need financial capital to fund infrastructure and strengthen the economy. Developers need capital to finance housing and commercial real estate. Business owners need it to launch and scale their operations. Lenders need it to serve borrowers. Financial capital builds markets for communities and creates opportunities for people. In under-invested communities, access to capital is more difficult and deploying it more constrained—particularly, private capital. Fortunately, the community investment sector is skilled at creating innovative technical solutions and intermediaries that create and deploy financial capital in struggling markets. Examples include Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFI), land banks, development authorities, mission-driven funds, social enterprises and other innovations.

Through the Catalyzing Neighborhood Investment strategy, the Trust is seeking ideas for finance and development tools—products, services, programs, activities and structures—that create or deliver financial capital affordably, efficiently and equitably in under-invested, majority Black and Latinx communities. Eligible ideas include new finance and development tools or improvements to existing tools.


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