Open Call for Ideas: Assets

The creative use of community assets that serve as catalysts for neighborhood investment

Every community has assets—built, natural, institutional and human. For some communities the asset may be an architecturally significant building with “good bones” such as a closed school or former industrial warehouse. For others, the asset is a walkable commercial corridor with accessible transit—the community “Main Street”—or the transit station itself. And still for others an anchor institution, cultural amenity, skilled labor force or park are defining assets around which the community, government or market are most likely to coalesce. When supported by residents and strengthened with public or philanthropic resources, catalytic assets in under-invested communities can attract financial capital and jumpstart the local economy.

Through the Catalyzing Neighborhood Investment strategy, the Trust is seeking ideas that leverage the potential of place-based assets as catalysts for financial capital in under-invested, majority Black and Latinx communities. Eligible ideas include business and development concepts, plans and activities to position community assets as investment drivers.


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