Sustainable Communities

Sustainable communities are the building blocks of regional resilience. Whether the context is an urban neighborhood or a suburban downtown, a “sustainable” community leverages the built environment to balance and fulfill economic, environmental and social objectives. In these communities, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing the consumption of natural resources yields ecological value for natural systems and economic value for households, businesses and governments. Sustainable communities are efficient, livable and equitable. Without them, the region cannot be resilient against broader economic, environmental or social change.

The Chicago Community Trust seeks to strengthen the resilience of our region by creating and nurturing sustainable communities, particularly in our most disadvantaged areas. To achieve this objective, we support efforts to create a natural environment of clean air, water and land, and an accessible and high-quality built environment of affordable housing, multi-modal transportation systems and full-service communities. To shore up these efforts, we seek to build market innovation for competitive, scalable products and services that add value to natural systems and contribute to robust and equitable local economies.