Rachel Pate

Rachel Pate is an impact coordinator at The Chicago Community Trust. As a member of the Growing Household Wealth team, she works closely with colleagues to strategize, distribute grants, build community partners, strive for racial equity, communicate the importance of closing the racial and ethnic wealth gap and specifically help coordinate the initiatives and grant making of the team. Pate also leads components of the due diligence process, develops and implements grant tools, tracks activity, compiles outputs, collects research and provides outreach to stakeholders. In addition, she supports drafting and editing of requests for proposals, memos, write-ups, letters of intent, grant proposals, as well as manage the pre-work, site visits, decisions and grant writing.

Prior, she spent nearly five years as a marketing coordinator at the Trust where she managed the organization’s day-to-day social media and supported its web content strategy to engage stakeholders and build awareness of its mission. In 2018, Pate co-created the Committee for Racial and Ethnic Equity (CREE) at the Trust to reflect and process new ideas learned from racial equity trainings, personal experiences and life at work.

Before joining the Trust, she worked with Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarcerated Mothers (CLAIM, which has since merged with Cabrini Green Legal Aid), as a policy intern and research coordinator. Pate supported CLAIM as they collected state data to ensure Illinois jails followed protocols for pregnant women. Prior to that, she worked at Simpson Academy for Young Women, a school for pregnant and parenting teens, where she provided individual pre-employment, college and career counseling.

She was the inaugural alumni-in-residence/fellow with Chicago United for Equity (CUE), a nonprofit organization that allowed her to work alongside 29 other change-makers, researchers, artists, organizers and policy makers to advance racial equity in Chicago. Prior, she was a CUE fellow in the 2017-2018 program. Currently, Pate is a Community Care Lead for CUE. She creates space and programming for the Fellows community focused on racial equity, community building and radical empathy.

She earned a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University and a Master of Arts from The University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration.