Searle Scholars

Supporting Innovative Scientific Research

The Searle Scholars Program makes grants to selected universities and research centers to support the independent research of exceptional young faculty in the biomedical sciences and chemistry. The Program was established at the Trust in 1980 and has been administered by Kinship Foundation since 1996. Funded from the estates of Mr. and Mrs. John G. Searle, the Program fulfills Mr. Searle’s wish that funds be used to support “…research in medicine, chemistry, and the biological science” following the tradition of the family’s world-wide pharmaceutical company, G.D. Searle & Company.


The Searle Scholars Program is currently moving to an online application platform. The application materials for the current competition will be available to nominated applicants in early September, 2015. Permission will be required to access online application materials. Selected applicants from participating institutions will receive information directly from our program on how to apply after official nominations have been submitted in September. Potential candidates should check with the institutional contact for further information on the nomination process.

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