Pillars Fund

Amplifying the Leadership, Narratives and Talents of American Muslims

Pillars invests in opportunities to elevate and amplify the leadership, narratives and talents of American Muslims in civil society, the media and public discourse. Through funding programs, campaigns and initiatives, Pillars supports a robust and growing nonprofit sector. The social innovation fund aspires to put an end to bigotry, xenophobia and other divisive tactics that keep our nation apart. Inspired by the American ideal “out of many, one,” Pillars strives for unity without uniformity and a society that prospers and leads through diversity.

Since its founding in 2010, Pillars has invested over $2 million in opportunities for American Muslims to tell their own stories, become leaders and fight bias through the media, arts, public discourse and civil society.



The Pillars Fund provides donors a variety of giving options to ensure that programs advancing the American Muslim community thrive into the future. Make your donation online. 

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The Pillars Board of Trustees awards grants annually. For more information about eligibility and funding priorities, please visit pillarsfund.org.

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Please visit pillarsfund.org for more information, and email your questions to info@pillarsfund.org.