The Community Foundation for McHenry County

Building a Better World in McHenry County

The Community Foundation for McHenry County is a trusted community leader, sponsor and participant encouraging philanthropy and welcoming partnerships to create a positive difference in the quality of life in all of McHenry County. Since 2001, the foundation has connected the generosity of donors with community needs by making grants to organizations working to create a better quality of life throughout McHenry County. Philanthropic efforts for the county are coordinated and led by the team at The Community Foundation for McHenry County.


The Community Foundation for McHenry County welcomes not only your donations, but also your charitable ideas and inspirations. A range of tax-efficient options can help you manage your giving—from defining and focusing your charitable intent, to pooling resources to maximize your impact. We invite you to join with us to plant the seed of opportunities, access and resources in McHenry County.

You can donate online, start an individual fund or contact us for other options.

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Pam Mathison
Administrative Assistant

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The Community Foundation for McHenry County looks for projects and programs where a moderate amount of grant money can produce a significant result. We look for innovative, but practical approaches to solving community problems, especially those not currently being met by an existing organization. Applicants should show a well-planned approach to address important community issues; a sound base of support (financial, participatory and voluntary); efficient use of community resources; involvement of underserved constituencies; and coordination, cooperation and sharing among nonprofit organizations and elimination of project duplication. Organizations should demonstrate present and future sustainability and provide clear and meaningful outcomes of the proposed project or program.

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