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The Lake County Community Foundation was established to meet the charitable needs of the fast-growing communities of Lake County, Illinois. This diverse county comprises rural areas and urban centers, a multi-ethnic population, and households with widely varying economic resources. Evolving challenges, and a desire to better support community members who want to give something back, prompted business and civic leaders to partner with The Chicago Community Trust to establish a foundation that would serve the unique needs of Lake County.


The Lake County Community Foundation welcomes not only your donations, but also your charitable ideas and inspirations. A range of tax-efficient options can help you manage your giving—from defining and focusing your charitable intent, to pooling resources to maximize your impact. We invite you to join with us to plant the seed of opportunities, access and resources in Lake County.

You can donate online, start an individual fund, or contact us for other options.

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Wendy Richter
Manager of Donor Services and Operations
847.377.0520 x23

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The Lake County Community Foundation focuses on making measurable impact on high priority issues with its limited available funding and additional resources. The Foundation envisions a county-wide health and human service delivery system that is robust and thriving with a network of providers capable of achieving the greatest impact on the urgent needs of the most vulnerable residents of the county. With an emphasis on partnership and collaboration and using innovation and organizational strength as its compass, the system will foster transformational change in communities across the county. Grant priorities include:

  • Livable Communities
  • Human Capital
  • Efficient Governance
  • Regional Mobility

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