Arts Work Fund

Strengthening Management in the Arts

The Arts Work Fund for Organizational Development is a funder collaborative created to help strengthen the management and operations of small arts and cultural organizations. By helping these groups to develop the business side of their operations, the Arts Work Fund aims to foster exciting work, develop new talent and enrich the Chicago metropolitan community with their artistic vision.


The Arts Work Fund assists small arts and cultural organizations to develop sustainable organizational capacity. Grant funded projects may take a variety of forms, each tailored specifically to the organization receiving the award.

Eligible projects include:

  • Marketing research
  • Developing financial management capacity
  • Expanding audience development strategies
  • Building fund development capacity
  • Planning for leadership succession
  • Improving board functioning / governance
  • Developing and implementing an evaluation system
  • Establishing or refining personnel or volunteer management systems
  • Organizational and executive coaching
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Information technology and technology planning

Grant applications are accepted at any time throughout the year. Grant decisions will be made on a quarterly basis.

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