Financial Information

The needs of our community and the interests of our donors are ever changing. Our unique structure helps us maintain the agility to assist thousands of individuals, families, businesses and organizations.

Our structure includes both trust and corporate entities. In the trust entity, the majority of The Chicago Community Trust’s assets are administered under the Declaration of Trust signed in 1915. The trust entity serves solely Cook County, and six Chicago-area banks serve as trustees for these funds.

The corporate entity, The Chicago Community Foundation, offers flexibility with respect to the funds’ investment management and has a broader geographic area of concern. The Executive Committee of the Trust serves as the board of directors for the corporate entity.

  • 2020 Financial Highlights

    Consolidated assets: As of September 30, 2020, the Trust’s consolidated assets totaled more than $3.7 billion.

    New gifts: During the fiscal year, the Trust received $696.6 million in new gifts.

    Grant commitments: During the fiscal year, the Trust made combined grant commitments totaling $613.6 million.

    For complete financials on the Trust’s fiscal year: FY20 Consolidated Audited Financial Statements

  • Investment Overview

    The investment pool combines a number of charitable funds into a single portfolio of investments. By combining the funds into one portfolio, it allows participating funds broad diversification and access to managers that would traditionally be unavailable or cost-prohibitive due to the size of the individual fund. The investment pool is managed by multiple investment firms who are selected based on their expertise in a particular asset class. The pool contains nationally renowned firms including those that are local and minority owned.

    The Finance Committee, with the assistance of professional investment consultants, monitors the fund’s performance on a quarterly basis and oversees the investment policy.

    Investment Objectives
    The investment pool has a long-term horizon with a strategy designed to achieve superior returns while moderating risk.

    Investment Strategy
    The investment pool is broadly diversified across asset classes and investment styles in order to enhance investment results in various market environments. Each asset class is divided between two investment managers in proportions determined by the Finance Committee.

    Investment Policy Statements
    The Chicago Community Trust
    The Chicago Community Foundation

    Investment Consultant
    Monticello Associates

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