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It takes a lot to revitalize a community. Beyond ambitious development plans and the right lenders and agencies, it requires a central player—the glue binding all of the pieces together so that strengths are leveraged, deals get done and communities start thriving.

Southland Development Authority (SDA) was created to be this connective tissue for economic development in Chicago’s south suburbs. Launched with support from Cook County, an investment from the Trust and additional philanthropic resources, SDA will catalyze major development projects leading to community revitalization from Calumet City to Summit. As new projects get underway, SDA’s goal is to be self-sustaining in just a few years.

SDA will bring much-needed institutional capacity to a part of the region where municipal governments find their resources increasingly strained. Some areas struggle to provide for essential needs like police and fire services, much less stimulate economic development. The SDA will fuel economic opportunity in ways no municipality could achieve alone.

SDA’s ultimate goal is to be a unifying force for growth that benefits everyone. As the southern suburbs’ populations continue to diversify, SDA will ensure new development promotes inclusive growth—so all residents have equitable opportunities to thrive and prosper.