The Nose that Keeps On Giving

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Have you seen red noses at the register of Walgreens? Have you wondered why they show up in May each year?

Red Nose Day is a campaign with a mission to end child poverty by funding programs that keep children safe, healthy and educated. Comic Relief USA, the organization that powers Red Nose Day, reached out to The Chicago Community Trust in 2018 with a question: Can you help us identify the most effective nonprofits that positively impact children living in poverty in communities within metropolitan Chicago, with a special focus on programs working to keep children safe, healthy and educated?

Yes, we can help.

The Trust knows effective organizations within the Chicago region. Leveraging that expertise helps Red Nose Day make impact to end child poverty here. Together we awarded grants to 14 organizations working to end child poverty here at home.

Red Nose Day is May 23. To make someone laugh—and help end child poverty with your purchase—buy a nose from Walgreens. Or two or three. Wear them prominently. To make an even greater impact here at home, make a donation to the Red Nose Day Fund at the Trust.

Noses on!