South Suburban PADS
414 West Lincoln Highway
Chicago Heights, IL  60411
(708) 754-4357
(708) 481-0952
Executive Director:
Ms. Geraldine Palmer
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South Suburban PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves households experiencing homelessness at risk of or formerly homeless. Founded in 1990 the organization has served the south/southwest suburbs of Chicago Illinois for 23 years with an outreach spanning over 55 municipalities in the region served. Emergency overnight shelter was the lead program initiated by the organization in 1990 as it met the immediate need for those experiencing homelessness. Since that time South Suburban PADS has become a full service human service organization with a portfolio of emergency and permanent housing. South Suburban PADS is the chief provider of emergency shelter services in the region and the only program to offer such services on a non-restrictive basis.While the shelters met an immediate need PADS staff communicated with guests in the shelters to identify the barriers that existed preventing them from obtaining self-sufficiency. This process yielded the development of 15 interrelated programs that focus on interim transitional and permanent supportive housing; life skills financial literacy employment readiness and job placement medical services mental health and addictions services all designed to assist individuals reach their full potential.In this 23rd year of service to households experiencing homelessness South Suburban PADS staff works tirelessly with guests empowering and equipping them with tools to help them achieve self-sufficiency. Ending homelessness is the primary goal of South Suburban PADS and addressing the many barriers through supportive services and programs is paramount to ensuring success for each household to reach their full potential. With years of dedication and service to individuals and communities impacted by homelessness PADS will continue their work and continue to battle homelessness one household at a time.A recent addition to South Suburban PADS was the construction and opening of the Country Club Hills Wellness Center (CCHWC) in Country Club Hills Illinois in October 2012. This 77-unit five-story residential building is the fruition of a project 16 years in the making. The residential development offers studio one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments for single adults couples and families with children. CCHWC houses over 100 individuals. Aside from housing CCHWC has on-site case management services a computer lab mental health counseling services addictions programming community rooms on each floor a community garden playground food pantry and a commercial kitchen that is used for skills training through the culinary training program.

Mission Statement:
South Suburban PADS is an interfaith organization providing shelter and supportive services for homeless persons. Compassion hospitality and dignity are key characteristics of the PADS program.SSPADS will provide services to all individuals regardless of their faith or non-faith.

Current Program:
South Suburban PADS carries out its mission to serve households facing homelessness through 15 interrelated programs. Collaboratively the programs address various barriers individuals and households face that affect their ability to achieve self-sufficiency.The Overnight Emergency Shelter program runs from October 1st through April 30th annually and is the foundation of South Suburban PADS programs. Each of the 30+ emergency shelter locations is a result of PADS longstanding partnership with local faith-communities. PADS shelter sites are run by a pool of over 5000 volunteers who manage shelter activities and assist PADS staff providing supportive services to guests at the shelter sites.Additionally the agency offers 77 units of permanent supportive housing at the Country Club Hills Wellness Center.PADS Daytime program offered at both Chicago Heights and Oak Lawn offices provides case management addictions services job readiness and through Project WIN direct referrals for mental health services. Staff members and volunteers provide classes in computer operations keyboarding daily life skills basic education and parenting skills. Guests of PADS Daytime have access to telephone services a permanent address showers laundry facilities and lockers. PADS Employment Readiness program is available to the daytime program guests. Job readiness staff work with guests educating them on job searching skills and resume writing that is essential for guests to successfully find gainful employment obtain permanent housing and ultimately become self-sufficient.The Homeless Prevention Program (HPP) works with various organizations and municipalities to identify crises that have the potential to escalate into homelessness. PADS staff and volunteers intervene to help families avoid losing their residences. As able and when needed PADS provides families with rent and mortgage assistance utility assistance or other short-term creative solutions to resolve a household’s crisis. PADS also participates in a number of collaborations with other agencies including Cook County Department of Public Health Grand Prairie Services Pillars Ford Heights Community Service Center the South Suburban Alliance to End Homelessness West Suburban PADS and a number of other organizations.

Grants Since 2007:
YearProgram AreaAmount
2012Basic Human Needs$75,000.00
2011Basic Human Needs$120,000.00
2011Basic Human Needs$66,000.00
2010Basic Human Needs$50,000.00
2009Basic Human Needs$40,000.00
2008Basic Human Needs$39,000.00
2007Basic Human Needs$35,000.00