Northwest Side Housing Center
5007 West Addison Street
Chicago, IL  60641-3422
(773) 283-3888
(773) 283-8821
Executive Director:
Mr. James Rudyk
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The Northwest Side Housing Center was born out of desire by local residents to stabilize and improve their community. In 1999 the Northwest Neighborhood Federation (NNF) heard loud and clear from residents that they were concerned about predatory lending creeping into their community and that the high cost loans made today would be the foreclosed homes of tomorrow. Residents were referring to the current foreclosure crisis long before it appeared on the nightly news. Rev. Christine Schrey Pastor of Christ Lutheran Church was involved with NNF’s outreach. Participating in highly passionate community meetings ignited her desire to do something to protect homeowners and stabilize the community. At the time there were no resources or education in the community for families experiencing housing problems or trying to purchase a home. With the leadership of Rev. Schrey the Northwest Side Housing Center opened in the basement of Christ Lutheran Church in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood. With staff assistance from Cathy Vates of the Rogers Park Community Development Corporation the Center began offering education to first-time homebuyers so they could make informed decisions about the home buying process and avoid predatory lending. In 2004 the Center gained non-profit 501(c)3 status and began growing its staff resources clients and mission for social change. In 2007 the Center became a HUD-Certified Housing Counseling Agency. In 2007 Rev. Schrey retired from the Center and from Christ Lutheran Church. Cathy Lazuka and Michele Rodriguez Taylor formerly of the National Training and Information Center were hired as co-Executive Directors. NWSHC moved from the basement of Christ Lutheran Church to a more visible storefront location at 5007 West Addison centrally located on the northwest side. James W. Rudyk Jr. took over as the NWSHC’s first full time Executive Director in May 2012. Today the Housing Center is a unique and effective combination of direct service through housing counseling and financial education AND community organizing and outreach for social change. The Housing Center is the only housing counseling agency on the northwest side of Chicago that also organizes the community and empowers residents to become community leaders. We educate law makers residents banks and businesses on the foreclosure crisis and other issues facing the community. The Housing Center is committed to winning resident-led solutions to community problems and providing the most effective housing counseling and financial education to help families get back on track. Our organizing work also focuses on issues facing older adults through our Staying Put Senior Leadership group. In 2012 we also began organizing on education issues adopting this work from the Northwest Neighborhood Federation. We have an unwavering commitment to community residents and believe that people facing challenges are not victims but rather leaders in their community.

Mission Statement:
The Northwest Side Housing Center (NWSHC) is a community-based non-profit organization that engages educates and empowers the community to improve housing for all. We accomplish our mission through housing counseling financial education community organizing outreach advocacy and supportive services. We focus on affordable housing quality education and issues affecting older adults

Current Program:

Grants Since 2007:
YearProgram AreaAmount
2011Community Development$35,000.00
2011Community Development$27,000.00
2011Community Development$25,000.00
2011Community Development$20,000.00
2010Community Development$30,000.00
2010Community Development$25,000.00

* Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust